Trees are beautiful. They add life and vitality to our natural surroundings and are a pleasure to the eye. And of course, trees and other green plants play the integral role of supplying oxygen to a living earth. On our residential and commercial properties, trees give character and provide lush decor. They offer an aesthetic balance to the harsher materials of our man-made buildings. We may not notice them every day, but trees are of enormous value to us. To keep them in prime condition, regular tree maintenance is a necessity. A leading Nowra tree service can help.

Could your trees use a tune up? Here are a few tidbits that showcase the importance of regular tree maintenance.

Young Trees Can Be Shaped

Much like our young people need moulding and shaping, so do youthful trees. With proper pruning and early care, a certified arborist can help ensure that a tree grows with a strong, sturdy structure that will retain its hardiness for years to come. Professional pruning is vital as a tree develops. By eradicating unnecessary branch offshoots or trunk divisions, the tree surgeon can promote a sounder trunk. This creates a more solid base for the tree to withstand the elements. Regular tree maintenance such as pruning, trimming, and shaping can give your young trees their best shot at long-lasting success.

Pruned Branches Allow for Good Air Flow

Frequent tree maintenance provides not only aesthetic benefits by keeping your trees looking fresh, it goes beyond that. Proper pruning allows for space in between the tree branches and leaves. This lets light pass through (which looks lovely) and also creates more space for air to flow. These small pockets help a tree to stand firm against increased wind gusts by releasing some of the air pressure. The freedom of movement in the treetops also keeps the branches healthier, more flexible, and more suited to supporting their natural purpose. The experts at Nowra tree services can provide expert maintenance that keeps your trees vibrant and healthy.

Regular Tree Maintenance Prevents Safety Hazards

Aside from keeping your trees looking and feeling their best, tree pruning and other tree maintenance plays a big role in safety. If you have dead or weak branches, frequent maintenance allows your tree surgeon to remove hazardous limbs before they become a problem. In a storm or heavy winds, such weak appendages could break off causing damage to your home or endangering someone on your property. If storms do hit, most properties are also left with a great deal of debris. This can be reduced significantly if your trees have been regularly trimmed. No more time-consuming cleanup!

While tree removal Nowra and beyond is one of our specialties here at The Tree Man, you may be able to avoid those major projects with regular, ongoing tree maintenance. Let us keep your trees fresh and healthy, and you might be able to save one of your trees and even save a little money in the process.

Professional Pruning is a Necessity

Did you know that incorrectly pruning a tree can severely wound it? And unlike humans, trees don’t ever fully heal, meaning their wound will remain inside them, always a point of weakness and concern. For this reason, it is so important to be sure your tree maintenance is undertaken by a professional arborist who knows exactly how to best care for your trees. At The Tree Man, we’d love to be the Nowra tree surgeon you know and trust.