Do I need council approval to remove a tree from my property?

This is a question we get asked all the time and one that has two answers – sometimes yes and sometimes no! While it is reasonable for a private landowner to assume they have the right to remove a tree from their property, this is not always the case. Trees are an important part of our neighbourhoods, providing habitat for birds and wildlife and absorbing harmful greenhouse gases. They also add visual appeal to our streets and towns, so it is important there is some form of protection in place. If you think a tree needs removing from your property, a little bit of research will quickly tell you whether you need council approval or not.

Shoalhaven Council Tree Removal

In 2014, new rules were introduced in NSW making it easier for landowners in bushfire prone areas to remove or prune trees on their land. This was well received amongst private landholders across the state. Luckily, Shoalhaven Council has always permitted residents to remove trees close to their homes (known as the 45-degree rule) or through RFS recommendations, so these changes didn’t impact our area. However, certain trees do still need to be approved for removal before you can call your local tree surgeon!

Removing Trees on Private Land

To determine whether you need special permission to remove a tree, read this information brochure published by the council. This easy to understand (and brief) document should make your position clear. However, if you need more detailed information, you can read chapter G4 of the Council’s development control plan (DCP). Alternatively, contact the council by phone or email. Further information, as well as tree pruning application forms, are available here.

If you need a tree removed in the Shoalhaven, contact The Tree Man for prompt, reliable service. We are difficult access specialists and can also clarify any council regulations for you.