Trees are vital to our survival. They provide us with oxygen, offer us shade, and give us lumber for fuel and warmth. Tress also keep our surroundings cool and prevent soil erosion, too. However, just like humans, trees need proper care for them to grow and stay healthy. And who is tasked to provide this care? Tree surgeons, or if you want to be technical, an arborist.

True, trees provide us with a lot of benefits. However, if they are not maintained properly, they can potentially put our safety at risk. They may grow onto power lines, or your home, and even block underground pipes with their roots. They can also damage property, especially when there are severe weather conditions.

Arborists help prevent these unfortunate events from happening by ensuring that trees are growing properly and providing them with the necessary treatment and care. Here’s how a tree surgeon spends a typical day.

Pruning Trees

Pruning promotes healthy growth and protects trees from insects by removing dead areas. Tree surgeons usually spend the day pruning trees and with their extensive knowledge, they can help you determine what type of pruning is needed for the specific kind of tree you have.

Replanting Trees and Tree Removal

To ensure a tree’s long-term health, it’s important that it is planted in the right place. Aside from pruning trees, tree surgeons help with removing and replanting them too. If an existing tree needs to be removed because it has grown too big for its current location or it has grown too close to the main building, then an arborist can help determine the appropriate location where the tree should be transferred and then assist with the re-planting.

Emergency Tree Care

Severe weather conditions, such as storms and heavy winds, can significantly damage a tree and/or individual limbs. If a tree or its branches have fallen over on a house or a power line, a tree surgeon may be called in by emergency services to assist and ensure the fallen tree or branches are removed safely.

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