We might be biased, but we think that becoming a tree surgeon (or arborist) is a fantastic career choice! You get to work outdoors and every day presents a new challenge. No two trees are the same, in fact, they are rather complex organisms, so you will have to think on your feet. Tree surgeons work in a variety of environments, including parks, tree plantations and power-line clearance areas. The weather may not always be clear, and you will be expected to be adept at sophisticated tree climbing techniques. Sound good? Keep reading…

Arborist Training

The first step to becoming a tree surgeon is to complete formal training through a registered training organisation. In NSW, you can complete a Certificate III in Arboriculture through TAFE NSW. Most of your time is spent on the job learning practical skills with a relatively small portion dedicated to classroom learning. Before you enrol in an arboriculture course, do some research, and make sure this is definitely the career for you. Some of the key skills and attributes a tree surgeon needs include:

  • Be comfortable with heights
  • Have an interest in trees and plants
  • Possess excellent communication, planning and organisational skills
  • Work as part of a team
  • Be patient and have a methodical approach to work

Tree Surgeon Skills

So what exactly does a tree surgeon do all day? Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just remove trees; we also play an active role in tree pruning and tree maintenance. Arborists may also be required in emergency situations, and this forms part of our formal training. Other specific tasks a tree surgeon might be expected to carry out include:

  • Identify, inspect, prune and plant trees
  • Clear damaged and fallen trees after a storm
  • Perform aerial rigging
  • Treating trees with insecticides and fertilisers
  • Offer advice on tree care
  • Remove trees, lop limbs and shape branches.
  • Liaise between local councils and members of the public regarding maintenance or removal of specific trees

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